Wire, March/April 2012. Vol. 42, issue 02

1) World health Day: A medical emergency; The human right to health; Left to fend for themselves 2) International Women’s Day: Make a stand for women in the Middle East and North Africa it 3) Middle East and North Africa: In solidarity, In defiance 4) Arms trade treaty: No arms for atrocities; Control Arms Timeline 5) Advocacy: Human rights out in the open 6) The anniversary campaigns: Where are we? What next 7) Human Rights Talk: People live here: Stand together with Africa’s slums 8) Good news & Updates: Kamal al-Labwani; Al-Amin Kimathi; Activists released, China and Viet Nam; Myanmar 9) Dear Wire, 12) Worldwide Appeals: Bahrain: Student arrested for reading poetry: Aayat Alqormozi; Dominican Republic: Human Rights Committee member missing: Juan Almonte Herrera; Ethiopia: Legislation prevents human rights work: Human Rights Council; Republic of Korea: Conscientious objector imprisoned: Moon Myung-jin; Iran: “We are ordered to crush you”: Ahmad Zeidabadi; Myanmar: Youth activist imprisoned and tortured: Khun Kawrio 13) Post cards: No arms for atrocities; Release Nasreen Sotoudeh now; Remove barriers to health for rural women

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