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Freedom, Justice, Equality. Let’s get to work.

You won’t just be working for us, you will be working for the 10 million supporters, activists and members around the world who believe in taking injustice personally. 

When you join us in the International Secretariat offices you will have the opportunity to use your expertise to support this global movement and to end human rights abuses.

We are a democratic worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights to be respected and protected for everyone. We believe human rights abuses anywhere are the concern of people everywhere. So, outraged by human rights abuses but inspired by hope for a better world, we work to improve people’s lives through campaigning and international solidarity. Work with us to be a part of this future.

When you get a job at Amnesty International, you’re working for people whose human rights are under attack.

If you are talented, passionate about human rights and want to use your skills and experience to change the world then we might just have the right role for you. You can learn more about these roles on this page.  


Apply to Amnesty today, and help build a world free from injustice and persecution. 

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We have undertaken an ambitious programme of change to increase our human rights impact and growth, particularly in the global South and East, achieving a new global organization structure with a much greater distributed, but integrated, centre working more closely with rights-holders and local partners.

We see an Amnesty International team – members and staff – that is increasingly representative of those whom we serve. We stand alongside them wherever they are; combining our efforts to be more relevant, more influential and have greater impact.

We work from regional offices across Africa, Asia, the Americas and in the Middle East and North Africa region to ensure we can respond more quickly, gather stronger evidence and foster closer relations with key partners.

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The recruitment process

Seen a role that you’re interested in? If so, please do create your online profile and submit your application. Our application form will usually ask for your work experience, education history and will have some specific questions so that we can understand your suitability for the role; at times we will ask for a CV, a cover letter or perhaps recent research or media publications. Do make sure you complete the application fully as we need all of this information to consider you for the role.

The Recruitment Team will work with the hiring manager to decide whether or not to invite you to the next stage in the selection process. You should hear back within 2 weeks of the closing date; you will see an update to your status online in your profile.

Due to the volumes of applications we receive we cannot provide feedback at this stage.

Further details of our selection process are below. Also, for more information please visit our Frequently Asked Questions and Benefits pages.

Please note that the nature of our work means that some employees of Amnesty International might, in the course of their work, be exposed to materials that could be considered distressing, or contain graphic descriptions or depictions of human rights violations or situations that may be shocking. If this applies to a role that you have expressed an interest in, this will be made clear during the selection process. Amnesty International will not charge application fees at any point of our recruitment process.


Should you be invited to interview please be advised that you will receive a notification by email where you will be able to select your preferred interview slot from the availability provided.

If you progress to interview you will meet with members of the team, either in person, on the telephone or via video link.

For more information view our FAQ and Benefits pages. 

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Your Assessment
You will be fairly and competitively assessed against the competencies required to successfully perform the role you have applied for; these will be in line with the job description advertised. Our assessment process will usually consist of two rounds of interview, one remote and one in person, with core skills tests and at times further testing on language or psychometric may be used.
Your interview panel
The interview panels will generally consist of the line manager for the role, a colleague or peer and another relevant staff expert. In addition to assessing your suitability the panel will provide you with further information about Amnesty International, who we are and what we do and how the role fits in to the organization.In addition to assessing your suitability the panel will provide you with further information about Amnesty International, who we are and what we do and how the role fits in to the organization.
Your Offer
Following a successful interview you will be contacted directly with the good news to discuss the offered terms and pre-employment checks; we have pre-set reward frameworks and offer all new staff salaries at the first step in our scales to ensure parity and transparency. Please see the Benefits section for more information. Our offer will be conditional on the successful completion of pre-employment enquiries.