The Wire, August/September 2011. Vol. 41, issue 04

1) Stubborn, Irritating, Outrageous 2) Women in Nicaragua need your voice, your action, your solidarity; ‘We all have a role in the changing world’ 3) Stand united against the death penalty; Save Lives, change laws;’ Something very big, something very bold’ 4) Fight for freedom of expression; ‘I went to prison for opposing the government – and came out stronger than ever’ 5) Justice now for people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Finding hope in a troubled land 6) End destruction of the Niger Delta; Keeping corporations in check 7) Women must have equal voice to shape new Egypt; Tweeting from Tahrir Square 8) ‘never give up’ – lessons of activism 9) World Wide Appeals: Albania: Fate of businessman unknown; Algeria: Student abducted and disappeared; Gambia: Journalist in incommunicado detention; Pakistan: Activist abducted from ambulance; Syria: Denied release under Presidential amnesty; USA: Nearly 40 years in solitary confinement

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