Mexico: Ayotzinapa students’ enforced disappearance in 10 shocking figures

43 – Students arrested and forcibly disappeared by police on 26 September 2014

6 – People extrajudicially executed on the night of 26 September 2014 (three students and three by-standers).

25 – People injured.

42 – Students whose whereabouts are still unknown.

1 – Student, 19-year-old Alexander Mora Venancio, was confirmed dead on 6 December 2014 after a DNA testing by experts from the University of Innsbruck who established that DNA taken from a piece of burned bone allegedly found in a river matched that of the student’s family.

110 – Arrests made on the case and zero convictions.

At least 70 – Mass graves uncovered around Iguala since the students’ enforced disappearance.

104 – Human remains found in those graves.

25,700 – Estimated number of people who have been forcibly disappeared or have gone missing in in Mexico in the past years, almost half of them during the current administration of President Peña Nieto.

6 – Number of federal convictions since enforced disappearance became a federal offense in 2001.