A woman with her child walks past a residential area that has been bombed.

Ukraine: Russian missile attacks kill a child on International Children’s Day

In response to Russian missile attacks that reportedly killed seven people, including a mother and her child, and injured many more, Denis Krivosheev, Deputy Regional Director, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, said:

“As Ukraine and other countries in the region mark International Children’s Day, it is particularly heartbreaking that Russian attacks have killed another seven people, including a child and her mother, as they sought shelter from a barrage of missiles.

“Children deserve to live, grow, learn and thrive free of the threat of conflict and violence. Yet this latest Russian attack against Ukraine is reported to have struck schools and kindergartens, as well as numerous residential civilian buildings, turning a day that seeks to celebrate children into a day of mourning.

“Today we are reminded that many schools across Ukraine have had to close to ensure the safety of their pupils, which significantly impacts not only children’s access to education but also their ability to build a better future. The war, displacement and the constant threat of Russian attacks are also very harmful to children’s mental health and can have lasting consequences on their development and well-being.

“There must be an end to such violations against children. The international community must urgently ensure that Vladimir Putin and Maria Lvova-Belova, who have been indicted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes against children, are brought to justice. All those suspected of committing crimes under international law in Ukraine must be held to account to ensure truth, justice and reparations for all survivors and victims of Russian aggression in Ukraine.”


Since the beginning of Russia’s full invasion of Ukraine, Amnesty International has been documenting war crimes and other violations of international humanitarian law while pursuing accountability in Ukraine. All of Amnesty International’s outputs published to date can be found here.