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South Africa must arrest Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir

South Africa must immediately arrest Sudanese president Omar Al-Bashir and hand him over to the International Criminal Court (ICC), Amnesty International has said today.

Omar Al-Bashir, who is on the wanted list of the court, is reportedly on his way to South Africa to attend the 25th AU Summit currently underway in Johannesburg.

Al-Bashir is a fugitive from justice. If the government of President Zuma fails to arrest him, it would have done nothing, save to give succour to a leader who is accused of being complicit in the killing, maiming, torture of hundreds of thousands of people in a conflict that has blighted the lives of millions and destroyed the hopes and aspirations of an entire generation

Netsanet Belay, Amnesty International’s Research and Advocacy Director for Africa

In 2009, the ICC issued a warrant of arrest against al-Bashir. He is accused of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in the conflict in Darfur, Sudan, which has claimed more than 400 thousand lives and displaced more than two million others.

The conflict continues to claim more lives. As a signatory to the Rome Statute and a key country in Africa, South Africa must display resolve and arrest Al-Bashir and transfer him to the ICC. 

“As soon as he lands in South Africa, the authorities must arrest Al-Bashir and ensure that he is transferred to the International Criminal Court” said Netsanet Belay.