On the Side of Humanity podcast

This podcast series explores the last 25 years of defending human rights. Amnesty International’s Tatyana Movshevich meets courageous activists from Chile, the U.S., Nepal, Ireland and Ghana who are fighting for the rights of the marginalised and risking their lives because of it. She discovers the story behind the watershed UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders and explores how the human rights movement is changing.

Episode previews


  • Written and presented by Tatyana Movshevich
  • Produced by Eli Block
  • Composition of much of the original music is by Eli Block
  • Editor is Guadalupe Marengo, Head of Global Human Rights Defenders Programme at Amnesty International
  • Lorena’s voiceover in Episode 1 is done by Selina Nelte
  • Monica Raye Simpson’s ‘Freedom Song’ in episode 2 is from her album ‘Revolutionary Love’