1995 Theme Campaign on Women and Human Rights: Appeal case leaflets

This document consists of 11 appeal cases, illustrating some of the violations of human rights suffered by women all around the world. The cases are: Faye Copeland, aged 73, on death row in the USA; Katia Bengana, 16, killed by Islamists in Algeria for not wearing a veil; Maria Moldovan, a Rom who has suffered violence and persecution in Romania; Edmeia da Silva Euzebio, murdered in Brazil in January 1993, shortly after testifying about the “disappearance” of her son; Phyntsog Nyidron, a Tibetan nun imprisoned for supporting Tibet’s independence; Dr Ma Thida, a Burmese surgeon and writer and prisoner of conscience; Maria Teresa Akumu, jailed in Equatorial Guinea because her boyfriend was accused of a crime; Agathe Uwilingiyimana, Rwanda’s first woman prime minister, killed on 7 April 1994; Hamda As’ad Yunis, 69, imprisoned after an unfair trial in Kuwait; Eren Keskin, a Turkish lawyer, imprisoned for defending others; and Mirjana, allegedly gang-raped in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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