Health personnel: victims of human rights violations (includes addendum containing additional information on the case of Josefa Padcayan, Philippines)

This paper presents examples of the types of human rights violations which are inflicted on health personnel throughout the world, in countries of different political systems and different levels of political stability. The abuses documented here include arbitrary arrest and imprisonment without charge or trial, torture, “disappearance” and murder. Eight appeal cases are attached. The are: China: Dr Song Song, Pu Yong and Shan Gangzhi; El Salvador: Julia Ponce and Angel Flores, health promoters for FEDECOOPADES; Indonesia: Doctorandus Susilo; Morocco: Dr Mohamed Jaaidi; Myanmar: U Tin Myo Win; Philippines: Josefa Padcayan; Syria: Dr Tawfiq Draq al-Siba’i; Viet Nam: Dr Nguyen Dan Que.

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