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Join the campaign and change a life today

When we all act together, we are more powerful. That is the driving force behind Write for Rights, Amnesty’s global campaign and the world’s biggest human rights event.

The people you are helping today want to make the word a better place. They are demanding justice, and human rights for all. Many have been imprisoned, disappeared and attacked.

Every year, millions of individuals write letters, sign petitions and organise events. And it works! People are freed, justice is served, and the world becomes a better place. Every action counts, and these people need your help. Act now.

Magai Matiop Ngong, freed from death row in 2020
“Thank you so much. I have no words. You have no idea how my heart is filled with happiness."

Now, write a letter

Imagine being locked away, alone, not knowing if anyone cares where you are. Now imagine receiving a letter from someone you don’t know, telling you they believe in you. That’s what real letters can do: bring hope to people in the direst of situations. And when they arrive in huge numbers, they are also an unmistakable reminder to the prison authorities and others that the world is watching.

Those letters not only bring great solace, but they can also help make people safer. If you want to lend your pen to this kind of direct action, download our handy letter-writing kit below.

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Get the Write for Rights kit

Get the Write for Rights kit - featuring template letters, case cards and more


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People in more than 170 countries and territories write millions of letters, emails, tweets and petitions…

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…for people who’ve been harassed, threatened and locked up, just for who they are …

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…and put pressure on governments, leaders and decision-makers…

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…to make change happen – releasing activists and protecting people who stand up for change.


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