Israel and the Occupied Territories: Fear of torture or ill-treatment

Widespread arrests of Palestinians, claimed to be members of the PFLP, were carried out by the Israeli security forces on 22 January 1992. Most were held for interrogation in prolonged incommunicado detention. One of those arrested, Mustafa ‘Akkawi, died on the night of 3/4 February. He had appeared in court on 3 February and complained of torture during interrogation. The judge ordered a medical examination before Mustafa ‘Akkawi was returned for interrogation but the examination was not carried out. He apparently suffered a heart attack on the night of 3/4 February but a medic did not identify any illness or refer him to a doctor. He was placed in one of the cells known as “refrigerators”, where he collapsed and died. Brief details about some other detainees are included.

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