A young Black protester holds up a sign saying "Stop making empty promises"

Americas: Region urgently needs a fiscal pact to ensure a dignified future

States in Latin America and the Caribbean must agree a fiscal pact to maximize their resources for ensuring the human rights of all people in the region, said Amnesty International, the global Debt x Climate movement, Extinction Rebellion, Fridays For Future and allied organizations today in an open letter to ministers attending the ministerial-level Latin American and Caribbean Summit for an Inclusive, Sustainable, and Equitable Global Tax Order, to be held in Cartagena, Colombia, on 27 and 28 July.

“We urge Latin American and Caribbean states to undertake far-reaching financial reforms as a matter of urgency in order to raise funds to effectively administer the resources needed to address the impact of the climate crisis, strengthen the public health sector and ensure access to public services for historically marginalized groups, such as women, Indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples and LGBTQI+ people, among others. The collective future of our region will be discussed in Cartagena and we will be watching,” said Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas director at Amnesty International.

The letter contains a list of the signatory organizations’ specific recommendations on the changes needed to guarantee human rights in the region.

Experts from Amnesty International and representatives from Debt x Climate and Fridays For Future are available for interview.