10 Best Human Rights Videos

Our global Human Rights Education Network stands by the use of short videos as a powerful complement to learn about human rights. They can inform us, challenge our way of thinking and inspire us to take action to defend and promote our human rights.

We’ve compiled a list from our global Network’s recommendations of what we loosely believe are the ‘10 Best Human Rights Videos’, from the ones we know, though what is ‘best’ for human rights educators always depends on the context, topic and your audience – let us know on Facebook if you have videos to share!

They can be used by teachers and educators and people who want to learn more about human rights.

Some of these videos were made by Amnesty International, some of them were made by other organizations. Some seek to educate viewers on human rights issues and others aim to inspire people to take action to defend human rights around the world.

Here is the top ten countdown:

10. Standing up for freedom

This short animated video was commissioned by Amnesty International USA to mark Amnesty’s 50th anniversary back in 2011. As the text reads, ‘We have been standing up for freedom for the last 50 years but we still have a long way to go. Be a voice for human rights. Join Us’.

9. Human Rights

This series of animated video clips for human rights education offers a broad overview of different human rights issues. This is a perfect introduction for a beginner interested in learning about the basics of human rights! It was made by the German non-profit organization E-politik.de.

8. Morgan Freeman: The Power of Words

This compelling video on the importance of people speaking out for human rights stars Morgan Freeman and was a Webby Award winner! Definitely a good video to inspire us to take action and stand up for human rights.

7. Everybody – Universal Declaration of Human Rights

This short video on the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is designed for young children aged 5 or over. It complements a book and activities for those pupils who want to learn more. It was made by Amnesty UK.

Book and activities: We are all Born Free @Amnesty UK
Book and activities: We are all Born Free @Amnesty UK

6. The Cure en Paraguay – promociona una campaña de Amnistía Internacional en su gira por Sudamérica (The Cure in Paraguay promotes an Amnesty International Campaign in their South American tour)

This video shows the popular band “The Cure” promoting the My Body My Rights campaign in Paraguay. In a concert which was attended by many Amnesty activists, they asked the public to stand up with them to support the campaign. We gave this video extra points because we believe that when world-renowned pop stars stand up for human rights this can be incredibly inspirational for people all around the world. Go The Cure!  It was made by Amnesty International Paraguay in 2013.

5. Le Controle des armes: Pourquoi?

This short video was commissioned by Amnesty Switzerland to express the importance of an arms trade treaty to regulate the use of arms in the world. It served to illustrate the “haut les mains” campagne.

4. Les petits soldats de la paix

This beautiful documentary on child soldiers from the Kivu conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo raises important questions concerning what comes next for these child soldiers, by showing the life of a local organisation that gives these children a second chance at having a decent life. It was made in 2011 with the support of Amnesty International.

3. I talk out loud

This video shares the story of an Amnesty Youth Group at Eastlea School in east London and their campaign to end stoning in Iran. The Eastlea School students talk about their experience during this campaign, which included a protest in front of the Iranian embassy in London, in this inspiring demonstration of young people standing up for human rights. It was made by Amnesty International UK in 2012.

2. Ne restons pas muets face aux violences conjugales. (Don’t stay mute in the face of domestic violence)

By copying the techniques of silent movies, this video exemplifies the horrific silence that too often surrounds domestic violence. Film director Olivier Dahan (in collaboration with TBWA\Paris and Amnesty International France) created this short video in 2008 to raise awareness for Amnesty’s campaign against gender based violence.

1. When you don’t exist

 ‘When you don’t exist’ is a two-minute video, showing an ‘alternative reality’ where Europeans are the ones undertaking a dangerous journey to reach Africa, only to be detained at immigration centres and be refused entrance at the border. It uses powerful imagery to challenge our perspective on the human reality of experiences of migration, and make us more aware of the situation that many migrants and refugees face when trying to reach European borders. It was made by Amnesty International in 2012.

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