Colombia: Human Rights Defenders in danger

Colombian human rights defenders are under attack, their life and work should be protected to guarantee peace.

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Still an unprotected peace

More than 200 Human Rights Defenders have been killed in Colombia since the signing of the peace agreement.  The situation is critical. Human Rights Defenders are being threatened, attacked and killed.

Amnesty International carried out a mission to the country with the aim of documenting cases of human rights defenders and people who exercise social leadership that are currently under threat. We identified 7 profiles of defenders who are under attack and given the lack of protection measures for the cases identified, we present the results in the form of profiles that are composed of many of the testimonies collected. We work with the plastic artist Edgar Alvarez and decided to create the characters that we present here and that will serve as a symbol of our #UnprotectedPeace campaign that demands the adoption of urgent measures of individual and collective protection that guarantee the life and work of defenders and communities at risk.

Read the profiles and download all the materials in this link

Human Rights Defender
In Colombia, being a Human Rights Defender seems like a crime that is paid with death

Help end attacks to Human Rights Defenders

With your help, we can get the newly elected president of Colombia to include effective and concerted protection measures for Human Rights Defenders in his government program.

Send a tweet to Ivan Duque and demand that he commits to protecting defenders like Luis, Damaris or Ezequiel

Demand the elected president of Colombia to protect Human Rights Defenders in Colombia


More than 200 Human Rights Defenders have been killed in Colombia since the signing of the peace agreement.  The situation is critical. HRDs are being threatened, attacked and killed without the Colombian government taking the urgent, effective and consulted measures necessary to protect the rights to life and integrity of these defenders.

Colombians elected a new government on 17 July 2018. Take action and ask the new president to commit to put a stop to this dire situation and include the set-up of an adequate individual and collective protection system for Human Rights Defenders in his government plan.

The killing of human rights defenders, most of whom have been victims of the armed conflict and remain at risk, jeopardizes reparation for victims and shows that the guarantees of non-repetition have not yet materialized for communities and individuals who have already endured years of armed conflict. The taking of the life of a person who defends the rights of his or her community in a context of transition to peace leaves a deep scar in the social fabric, which is central to rebuilding a fairer society.

Community leaders, campesino leaders, leaders of victims’ organizations and those working to defend their territories and natural resources, who support the territorial implementation of the Peace Agreement and the land restitution processes, must be given full guarantees and be a priority for the Colombian government.