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Europe and Central Asia Asylum

Melilla: Between silence and lies

Sifting through Facebook, Huwaida stumbled upon the footage she was dreading. But it was only when further photos of her uncle Anwar’s lifeless body emerged & a human rights organization on the ground confirmed it, that she knew for sure. Anwar was dead. Anwar from Sudan, was just one of...

A life of waiting

November is a difficult month in our family. It is a reminder that another year has gone by that Papa cannot be with us. It is also a reminder that he will once again be alone on his birthday. All we can do on the 19th of November since the past three years is think […]
Senegal Freedom of Association

Senegal will never forget March 2021

The human rights situation has deteriorated sharply in Eswatini. The Eswatini government continues to ignore the constitutional provisions on human rights and use law enforcement and legal instruments to crush calls for justice and democratic reform. What started as a call for an end to police...