The Amnesty International Global Youth Collective is a team of Amnesty International youth leaders (under 25 years old) and Amnesty staff with a youth brief from across the global movement who are champions for youth engagement and participation. As champions, they bring the thought leadership that is needed to reach the goals in the International Youth Strategy, and look for opportunities to advance its implementation.

Members of the Collective serve a two-year term, in which they play a role as spokespersons on youth issues and raise youth perspectives both internally and externally to help support and expand the space for greater youth(-led) engagement and participation. They amplify the voice of youth leaders and activists on issues that are relevant and matter to young people within and outside Amnesty International, contribute to the agendas of global, regional and national Amnesty International meetings to advise on how youth perspectives can be included, and provide strategic advice to relevant teams across the movement on integrating youth perspectives across all areas and levels of Amnesty International’s work.

For more information about the Amnesty Global Youth Collective or requests for collaboration you can contact the Global Youth Team.

Katie Davos, Amnesty International USA

Katie is the Youth & Student Program Specialist at Amnesty International USA (AIUSA), where she supports youth and student activism across the section, including managing AIUSA’s youth leadership programs and upholding the goals of the AIUSA Youth Strategy. Katie first got involved in human rights and social justice as a student activist organizing around LGBTQI+ issues. After university, where Katie was first introduced to Amnesty at the AI Thailand office, Katie became an organizing intern at AIUSA. Before rejoining AIUSA as a staff member, Katie worked in the youth leadership development field in Asia, focusing on providing resources for youth to become social justice leaders in their communities. As the Youth & Student Program Specialist, Katie has a deep commitment and passion in ensuring that youth are fully represented and that their voices are heard at every level within the organization.  

Célia Bourezane, Amnesty International Algeria

Célia Bourezane is a Political Science & International Relations graduate. She has been a member of Amnesty International Algeria since 2018. Her commitment and work under Amnesty International has a focus on women’s rights and freedom of expression. In the near future, she aims to work on climate justice and fighting corruption, considering these latest, important stakes our generation is dealing with.

Her first experiences were as a volunteer in children’s related actions. After that, she was selected to be part of the Algerian network of committed youth of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. The program helped her develop an appetence for project management and enhanced her understanding of a topic she was already dealing with in her professional life. She was simultaneously working with different groups on women’s rights and her implication in the Algerian feminist sphere helped her engage in talks and debates about equality under Amnesty International Algeria.

As the current Algerian youth coordinator, she had the opportunity to understand the importance of interconnections and information symmetry in order to achieve common goals. Her experience under the International Visitor Leadership Program reinforced her belief and will to work on creating levers and suitable environments for people. She believes that engaging youth in strategic decisions and actions, addressing issues from the bottom up, and giving youth a voice to realize their vision is critical to our future and the next generations.

Alwande Khumalo, Amnesty International South Africa

Alwande Khumalo is 24 years old. She is a two times graduate. She currently holds a Political Studies Honours Degree from the University of the Witwatersrand. Her research focused around a select anti-human trafficking specialized police task force’s gendered dynamics and organisational structure. She has interests in the state, preservation and advocacy of human rights, gender studies, police (particular around ethical policing throughout the Global South), Black Lives Matter, feminism, racial and cultural studies, mental health, and youth-inclusive advocacy.

Additionally, she is a South African youth representative in Amnesty International’s Global Youth Collective,  a former Co-Chairperson at Amnesty International – Wits, a former Women’s Subcommittee Head of Amnesty International – Wits, a Youth Leader at the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants, a member of the South African’s Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) Youth Policy Committee’s Gender Working Group, a 2020 youth representative for SAIIA at 2021’s United Nations multi-stakeholder hearings on “Accelerating the realization of gender equity and the empowerment of all women and girls” of which forms a part of the annual UN Women’s Conference and a black intersectional feminist. Of equal importance, she currently works in Amnesty International South Africa’s Campaigns Team.

Alwande is also a hopeful human being and believes in the power of people-people and another action-orientated advocacy.

Alan Scheinbaum, Argentina

Alan is a 23-year-old youth activist from Argentina. He has been a member of Amnesty International Argentina’s Youth Group since 2022, participating in activities and assisting in the design of campaigns and workshops about sexual & [non]reproductive rights, digital rights, and youth participation. Alan has previously volunteered in Asociación Conciencia, an Argentinan NGO, since he was 18, assisting in the execution of educational campaigns and programs for young people, where he gained expertise in the youth agenda, both in national and international issues. During 2020 and 2021 he was part of its youth executive committee in the City of Buenos Aires, coordinating and leading the press and communications team. Apart from his journey as an activist and a volunteer, Alan is currently halfway through a chemical engineering degree at the University of Buenos Aires, seeking to specialize in the design of sustainable processes and their control using new technologies. He has experience in video editing, graphic design, web programming, and data analysis. As a young activist and a member of the Global Youth Collective, Alan tries to put his time and energy into the education about and defence of human rights in Argentina, Latin America and the Global South in general, specifically empowering young people, whose voice and involvement are essential in solving current worldwide issues.

Amy Ochiel, Kenya

Amy Ochiel Ochieng is a lawyer who is passionate about Gender Equality, Human Rights and Social Inclusion. She works with Amnesty International Kenya as a Human Rights Education & Activism officer where she is in charge of supporting human rights defenders and establishing community-led human rights movements (Circles of Conscience) across Kenya.

She is a member of the Africa Youth Steering Committee, UN Women Africa that advises UN Women Africa on strategies on how to engage youth in Africa. This committee has engaged, mobilized and organized youth across the African continent – ensuring youth’s voice especially young women’s voice is recognized and incorporated into policy-making processes relating to gender equality and women empowerment. Amy was involved in the reviewing of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (BDPfA). Ms. Amy Ochiel was one of the youth delegates that participated in the 4th Special Technical Committee review meeting of the BDPfA at the African Union.

Previously she worked at Transparency International Kenya where she was nominated to be one of the gender champions who provide technical expertise in incorporating gender mainstreaming in projects. Amy was also part of the Pan African Feminist Technical Working Group under Femnet where she provided feminist analysis on the implications of the COVID-19 government response within the community.

Amy Ochiel is an alumnus of the YALI RLC EA program that was launched by former USA president Barack Obama in Africa to train young leaders on leadership. In 2017, she was elected as the chairperson of the YALI Alumni Chapter of Kenya where she led the chapter in implementing youth and women empowerment projects.

Amina Affinida, Morocco

Having graduated last year in information and communication (Bachelor’s degree), Amina Affinida is now resuming her studies as a research student in a Master’s degree in Political and Social Communication, as she has always believed in the great role of communication and media in influencing and directing the behaviour of people and societies.

Meanwhile, Amina is also a dedicated human rights activist, who has been taking part in Amnesty International’s movement for more than five years. In addition to believing in the power of communication and media, Amina also believes in the necessity of human rights, and the need to fight for them, for a world where everyone can enjoy their rights freely and equally.

Currently, Amina carries out her role in Amnesty- Morocco, as a member in the executive board of the section, in charge of information and communication, as well as the coordinator of Amnesty’s youth journalists- Rabat group.

Besides her passion for human rights, Amina is also a person who likes to enjoy her life by doing things that make her de-stress and feel good. Some of these things can be a night walk, listening to good music, exploring new places, meeting new people, and having some quality time with family/ friends, not to mention the happiness she feels while trying new tasty food.

Chisako Takada, Japan

Chisako is a passionate 16-year-old high schooler activist in Japan, championing the voices of teens. She has actively been partaking in human rights movements in Australia– and subsequently, in Japan– since 2018, engaging in protests, events and essay writings.

On coming back to Japan, she realised how few teens especially girls know their rights in the first place. In male-dominated politics where the young are oppressed under their regime, it is difficult to include our voices towards our future.

In the process of fighting against this, she has won a UN essay contest in 2020 on the topic of Women’s empowerment. The same year, she joined Amnesty Japan, and since then, she has been involved in various events. Also as the new leader of Amnesty Youth Japan, she leads youth-focused events and projects aimed to educate students on the rights we hold.

Out of the passion for educating more youths about women’s rights in Japan, she established the first ‘Amnesty for school’ in a non-international Japanese high school. As a club leader, Chisako has planned and executed projects to facilitate human rights discussions and to bring awareness in and outside the school.

Chisako will champion the young voices of Japan and of the world within adult-centred social movements and have our voices rally for humanitarian issues.

Duaa E Zahra Shah, Pakistan

Duaa E Zahra Shah is a senior at the National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan, majoring in Economics. She has worked in organizations including UNCTAD, Pakistan’s Ministry of Human Rights, the Talloires Network Next Generation Leaders Program, and Gallup; and on human rights initiatives like curriculums to address gender-based violence, mechanisms to increase equity and inclusion, policy recommendations to support vulnerable communities, and welfare projects to promote education.

As an aspiring lawyer and journalist, Duaa strives to use her learned theoretical understanding and service experience to effect meaningful global change in the rights of women and children.

Gavin Choong, Australia

Person smiling at the camera in front of a blue background.

Currently situated in Australia, Gavin is 21 years old and completing his Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Biomedical Science at Monash University. He is a youth advocate with a wide range of experience, having been involved in campaigning for the constitutional recognition of First Nations Australians, helping asylum seekers through the visa application process, raising awareness of climate-related legal challenges brought by those most vulnerable to the effects of global warming, promoting public health education, as well as engaging in human rights diplomacy. Additionally, Gavin was recognised as a Young Australian Space Leader in 2022 and is heavily involved in the space sector, wanting to explore the use of satellite imagery to improve life on Earth. Finally, Gavin has also been recognised as a New Colombo Plan Ambassador by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and will be traveling throughout the Indo-Pacific to promote regional engagement with Australia.

Gavin joined Amnesty International Australia (AIA) as a Youth Advisory Group member in 2022. Since then, he has played an active role in the organisation, including by co-creating the newest AIA Activism Strategy, representing AIA when engaging with external organisations, as well as speaking at the inaugural Victorian Social Change Lab. As part of the Global Youth Collective, Gavin aims to empower youth from the APAC region through education and awareness-raising, consultation and ensuring their opinions are acted upon, as well as reconciling cultural differences and protecting universally shared human rights.

Natalie Gwatirisa, Zimbabwe

Natalie Gwatirisa is a climate advocate based in Zimbabwe. She is currently studying German Language and Linguistics. Creatively she is integrating linguistic skills in disseminating climate information to different age groups in her society. For the past four years, her work has been focusing on fostering a better understanding of and ability to address climate change and its effects, promoting community engagement, creativity, and knowledge in finding climate change solutions. As an environmental steward she believes that we should educate people on self-centred climate action and begin to take self-ownership of climate action. She is the co-founder of All For Climate Action Zw (AFCA), a youth led organisation which focuses on Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE).She is the National Coordinator at the Sustainable Environmental Conversation and Tourism Football Tournament a program that connects football and environmental conversation . In 2022 she was selected to be a youth delegate at COP27 , Sharm El Sheikh Egypt. She is part of the Amnesty International Global Youth Collective. She is also working as a community frontline worker under the CivActs with Accountability Lab Zimbabwe.

Becca Tyler, United Kingdom

Becca Tyler is part of Amnesty International’s Student Action Network UK working to unite students from across different regions to work on campaigns and work together towards change in our communities. I’ve always wanted to be apart of the driving force to achieve better human rights for all and I’m excited to be apart of the Global Youth Collective to really make this a vision.

Maria Skaare, Norway

Maria is the Youth Coordinator in Amnesty Norway (AIN) and responsible for youth engagement on the national level. That includes supporting the national youth- and student councils and developing projects and making sure youth are included in developing campaigns. Marias engagement for human rights started when volunteering in Guatemala at the age of 19, encouraging her to do a bachelor’s in development studies and a master’s in political science and human rights. She has spent more than ten years in various ideal organizations for youth and young adults. Her focus is on strengthening the organizational structure to ensure young people’s involvement in all levels, while at the same time ensuring the motivation and wellbeing of the young human rights activists has top priority.