Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories: Conscientious objector detailed in Israel: Yuval Dag

20-year-old Yuval Dag is serving a 20-day detention order at Neve Tzedek military prison in Tel Aviv for refusing to enlist in the Israeli army to which he was summoned for compulsory service. He was first arrested and detained for 10 days after refusing a conscription summons at Metzudat military base on 20 March. He had made his objection to military service on grounds of conscience clear prior to the summons date, but the army considered his refusal to be disobeying of orders. Days after his release, on 2 April, he was summoned and refused to enlist again, receiving another detention order, this time for 20 days. Yuval Dag is a prisoner of conscience. The Israeli authorities should release him immediately and unconditionally.

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