Iran: UA 219/88 Iran: Death Penalty: Political Executions

Amnesty International is concerned by evidence that a new wave of political executions is taking place in Iran. In recent weeks the official Iranian media have continued to report the execution of government opponents. These include 10 “counter-revolutionaries and Iraqi spies” executed on 10 July, seven members of the outlawed People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran hanged in public in Bakhtaran on 1 August and another member of that organization hanged in public in Ilam on 3 August.
Amnesty International has also received reports that three leading members of the Tudeh Party, Kiumarz Zarshenas, Simin Fardin and Sa’id Azarang, and a member of the People’s Fedaiyan Organization of Iran (Majority), Faramarz Sufi, were executed by firing squad in Evin Prison on 20 July.

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