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Nigeria: Detention of hostages: the detention of relatives of people suspected of involvement in the April 1990 coup attempt

, Index number: AFR 44/011/1991

Amnesty International is concerned about at least eight people who have been detained without charge or trial in Nigeria for at least 18 months. Most are female relatives of men suspected of involvement in an unsuccessful coup attempt in April 1990. Among the detained are: sisters Gloria Anwuri and Rhoda Heman-Ackah, Gloria Mowarin, Charles Mukoro, his uncle David Mukoro and Dorah Mukoro, sister-in-law of Charles Mukoro, Christine Osamede Oziegbe, Pat Obahor and Mrs Edojah, all wives of armed forces officers believed to have fled after the failed coup attempt. Amnesty International is concerned that the people named here may be prisoners of conscience.

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