• Investigación

The Wire, August 2006. Vol. 36, No.7.

, Índice: NWS 21/007/2006

1) South Korea exploits its migrant workers 2) Activists under attack in the Philippines 3) Prisoners of conscience released in Equatorial Guinea 4) Algerian intelligence agency routinely uses tortures to obtain 'information' 5) Journalists attacked in Azerbaijan 6) Worldwide appeals: Papua New Guinea: Sorcery-related killings; USA: Held for three years without charge or trial; Burundi: Imprisoned for criticizing the government; Turkmenistan: Human rights defender arbitrarily detained 7) News in brief: Liberia; Moldova abolishes death penalty; UN Human Rights Council 8) Freedom at a price 9) Control Arms: Million Faces Petition at UN 10) USA backtracks on rights 11) AI sections' posters win awards at Cannes

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