Vaccines in the Americas: Facts and Figures

Vaccination in the Americas:

34 million –Number of doses applied in the 17 countries reviewed in Amnesty International’s new report Vaccines in the Americas: Ten human rights musts to ensure health for all, as of 21 March 2021. Source: Our World in Data (based on official figures).

0 –Number of countries that to date have provided Amnesty International with a copy of the contracts they signed with pharmaceutical companies for COVID-19 vaccines, in response to information requests made by the organization

National vaccination plans in the Americas:

13 – Number of countries out of 17 analysed in the report that had made public their vaccination plans for COVID-19 either through decree or an official written document presented to the public.

9Number of countries out of 17 that have officially confirmed that COVID-19 vaccines will be free, either by including this in their national plans or passing laws or regulations to this effect.

6Number of countries out of 17 that mentioned Indigenous Peoples in their national vaccination plans.

Number of countries that to date have provided Amnesty International with details of any specific measures or protocols that have been designed for the vaccine rollout for Indigenous Peoples.

Health workers in the Americas:

At least 70% Number of women who make up the workforce of health workers in the Americas. (Amnesty International calculations based on WHO and OECD data).

At least 10 –Number of countries out of 17 in the report that do not have enough doctors or nurses to cover even a basic level of health services for child and maternal health, according to WHO guidelines. Data from WHO

4 – Number of dollars per month (as of October currency rate) that nurses earn in Venezuela.