Li Yan is alive, but still facing execution

Li Yan is on death row in China for murdering her husband after suffering repeated, horrific abuse at his hands. She could be put to death any day now.

Though the Supreme People’s Court has approved her execution, Li Yan is still alive. This gives us hope that our call on the Chinese authorities not to execute Li Yan have been effective so far.

If you haven’t already, please join Amnesty supporters and demand Li Yan be spared the death penalty. Each day, as you sign, we continue to fax your petitions to the Chinese authorities.

The death penalty in China

While exact statistics of the death penalty in China are unavailable (as they are considered a state secret), it is estimated that thousands of executions take place on an annual basis – which is more than the rest of the world combined.

Many people facing the death penalty in China do not receive fair trials. The accused are not presumed innocent, confessions are often extracted through torture or ill-treatment and the accused are detained in poor conditions.

This is the situation Li Yan is facing. We need to let the Chinese authorities know that the world is watching Li Yan. By making your voice heard we can make a real difference to help save the life of Li Yan and others like her.