The Wire, April/May 2010. Vol. 40, issue 002

1) Giving life without risk 2) Livewire: The daily struggle in Haiti camps; Amnesty International defends Guinea research against French government criticism; Evaluating the fight for women’s rights 3) Italian authorities violate housing rights of Roma 4) Somalia’s journalists in danger 5) Yemen: Repression of independent media 6) Cuba: Restrictions on freedom of expression continue 7) Poster: Maternal health is a human right 8) Poster: Execution: remember all imprisoned journalists 9) Worldwide Appeals: Chad: Enforced disappearance of opposition leader; Colombia: “There will be no second call”; Iran: Arrested following death of dissident cleric; Kosovo (Serbia) No justice for unlawfully killed civilians; Saudi Arabia: Detained without trial for seven years; Viet Nam: Trade unionists imprisoned 10) Postcards: Invisible victims: Protect migrants in Mexico; Respect the housing rights of Roma in Italy; Malaysia: End whipping as a punishment 11) Q&A: Iduvina Hernández 12) Guantánamo detainees: Campaign for international protection 13) The right way to fight poverty 14) Torture in Kazakhstan 15) Religious group persecuted in Indonesia 16) Eastern Chad: ‘No safe place for women’ 17) No justice for victims of police ill-treatment in France18) Did You Know? End whipping as punishment in Malaysia; Protect migrants in Mexico; World Cup 2010: Time to act

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