Persecuted for Satire on Social Media: Write for Rights Lesson Plan

When Temirlan Ensebek, a 25-year-old blogger
and entrepreneur from Almaty, had launched his satirical
Instagram blog he had no political agenda, he just wanted
to show the absurdity of news broadcasted by official TV
channels. 6 weeks after Temirlan was taken to a police
station, and is now threatened with a criminal charge
of distributing a knowingly false information (article 274
of the Criminal Code).

This human rights education activity, focusing on Temirlan’s story, can take place in a variety of online or offl ine settings, such as a school classroom, a community group, a family or an activist group.

The activities are all based on participatory learning methods in
which learners are not merely presented with information; they
explore, discuss, analyze and question issues relating to the

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