Ghana: The first executions since 1990

Twelve men were executed by firing squad in Ghana on 17 July 1993, in the first executions known to have taken place in Ghana since February 1990. They were: Godfrey Nyavie and Mustapha Bruce, Mohammed Yao Midoagbodzi, Atta Bruce, Vincent Kodwo Ayivor, Kwadzo Ackon and Eric Nii Addo, Benjamin Mireku, Kwepey Yartey, Kwame Nkansah, Issaka Agege and Zakaria Salifu. Three men, Imoro Issaka, Ibrahim Abubakar and Kwame Donkor, were sentenced to death by the National Public Tribunal in February 1993, following conviction for armed robbery. There is concern that their sentences could be carried out soon.

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