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The authorities unduly restricted the rights to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and association, including by arbitrarily arresting and detaining journalists and activists using harsh Penal Code provisions. Authorities maintained a de facto ban on protests in the capital, Algiers, and sometimes used excessive force to disperse peaceful demonstrations across the country. The authorities kept many associations in legal limbo. Judicial authorities harassed members of the minority Ahmadi religious movement because of their beliefs. A new law on health took effect, guaranteeing access to health care for all citizens; the grounds for legal abortion were not extended, however. The authorities continued a discriminatory crackdown on sub-Saharan migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers, subjecting several thousand to arbitrary arrest, detention and expulsion. Impunity for past abuses remained widespread. Death sentences were handed down; there were no executions.

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Death penalty status

Abolitionist in practice

Retains the death penalty in law, but hasn’t executed for at least 10 years


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