Article 4 of Amnesty International’s (AI) statute requires that “there will be at all times for Amnesty International strategic goals to guide the movement”. Furthermore, Article 13 states that “sections shall act in accordance with the core values and methods of Amnesty International and shall comply with the Core Standards as well as any strategic goals”.

The Global Assembly is the governance body with ultimate authority for determining Amnesty International’s strategic goals including its financial strategy, while the International Board is responsible for ensuring the strategic goals are implemented and making any necessary adjustments as needed. 

For the period 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2019, the Global Assemblyl adopts five Strategic Goals to prioritize the work of the Amnesty International movement. 

Taking injustice personally: Our goals 2016-19

Amnesty International’s Theory of Change 2016-2019 (Summaries)

Strategic goals (2016-2016) booklet

Strategic goals foldout