Membership and subscription questions

How do I become a member of Amnesty International?

Complete this form to join Amnesty International, as an international member.

Once you’re a member, we will get in touch whenever we’re campaigning on something we think you’d be interested in. You’ll also receive our quarterly e-magazine, with inspiring stories from around the world.

You’ll also get access to learning and skills opportunities and have a say in the decisions that shape Amnesty’s future.

We look forward to you joining our powerful and committed global movement.

How can I update my personal details / change my language?

Can I get an International Membership ID Card or a certificate?

Thank you for your interest in obtaining a membership card. We are currently looking into the possibility of providing these cards digitally and we will let you know the outcome of the project.

Can I get an International Membership ID card or a certificate?

Can I get an International Membership ID Card or a certificate?

Thank you for your interest in obtaining a membership card. We are currently looking into the possibility of providing these cards digitally and we will let you know the outcome of the project.

How is my data protected?

You can learn more about how we protect our supporter data by readingour Privacy Policy.

Getting more involved

How can I keep showing my support for Amnesty and human rights during the COVID-19 pandemic?

As the COVID-19 pandemic tears across the world we are all worried about the future. Whether you are working from home, out of work, self-isolating or caring for others, these are lonely and uncertain times.

To find out about actions you can take, things you can do while at home or to read about acts of heart-warming solidarity that have happened during this time, please visit this page on our website.

Most importantly, remember to stay safe. Together we’re strong!

I would like to volunteer or get a job at Amnesty International.

For jobs, internships and volunteer positions at Amnesty International’s International Secretariat, please check the vacancies posted and apply through the website:

For jobs, internships and volunteer positions at an Amnesty International country office, please check the vacancies posted on the country’s website. You can find a list of country offices and their contact details by going to and selecting ‘Countries’ at the top of the page.

How do I make a donation?

You can make a donation via our secure online payment facility, by clicking on this link. As little as $10 will support vital work, such as our Urgent Action campaigns to help save individuals in imminent danger of torture or even death.

Your support will help us to address the biggest challenges in the world today – inequality on the rise, ongoing crises and conflicts, those in power clamping down on people’s freedoms and more people than ever before fleeing their homes and seeking safety elsewhere.

So on behalf of everyone whose life has been changed forever, thank you for your continued support.

I don’t have an Amnesty office in my country but I want to do more for Amnesty. What options are there?

Thank you for being part of this incredible movement of 7 million people, who are taking injustice personally. It’s great to hear you want to do more. If you’re already an international member, we’ll email you whenever something comes up that we think might be of interest to you. If not, join here now.

There are also some great global activities that you can get involved in right now:

Take part in one of our free online Human Rights courses.

Join a global network of digital volunteers helping us research and exposing human rights violations.

You can also engage with other International Members through global and regional social media channels. Here are some of our most popular pages:

Thank you again for supporting us. You make Amnesty International better – together, we’re a powerful, committed global movement.

I would like to set up an office in my country.

Unfortunately, Amnesty International does not have the resources to open national offices on demand. The organisation decides upon where to develop its presence based on the priorities of the movement and on the context in which offices could operate (legal permissions etc.). Even though the organisation is not currently in a position to open an office in every country, the regional team based at the International Secretariat in London undertakes work on a number of human rights issues there. You can find out more about this work by visiting the country page on our website: and selecting your country.

For more information, please visit our website at

Requesting help from Amnesty

I want to report a human rights violation in my country.

To report a human rights violation, please write to us directly by filling out the form.

I want help with student research.

Thank you very much for your interest in Amnesty International’s activity.

Unfortunately, due to the enormous amount of enquiries we receive, we are unable to answer individual questions in detail. However many students find our website an incredibly useful resource for your research. You can get an overview of all the different type of human rights work we cover in the What We Do section. You can also browse our research and campaigning work by Country. Each country page contains all the latest news, blogs, and reports.

Thank you again for your interest.

I want Amnesty International’s help in securing a visa.

Thank you for your interest in Amnesty International. Unfortunately due to limited resources, we do not provide any assistance in securing a visa. We wish you luck in your travels.

I’m a company requesting accrediation / affiliation with Amnesty.

Thank you for your interest in collaborating with Amnesty International. We appreciate your commitment to AI values and congratulate you on the important work you are doing.

Unfortunately, due to limited human and financial resources, we are not able to offer support or accreditation to external organisations. It is not possible for us to ensure that all potential partner organisations adhere strictly and completely to our own mission and values.

Requesting help from Amnesty’s Human Rights Academy

About the Amnesty Human Rights Academy

With its open learning platform, the Amnesty Human Rights Academy is a self-guided learning space where you can gain skills and knowledge in human rights wherever you are. It is aimed at learners interested in action-oriented human rights education, as well as promoting and advocating human rights. Our courses cover a range of human rights topics, from foundation courses to advanced ones. You can also obtain a certificate at the end of certain learning courses. All courses are geared towards taking human rights action.

To get started, all you need to do is register on the platform, select a suitable course, start your self-guided learning and come back to complete it whenever you have the time. The Academy offers courses in many languages, including Arabic, English, Spanish, French and Russian.

How do I register for the Academy?

To register for the Amnesty Human Rights Academy, go to the Academy and follow these steps:

Step 1: Make sure you choose the language in which you want to take courses. Please note that you can change the language in your profile later if you want to explore the programs available in other languages.

Step 2: Press the “register” button in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3: You will be shown a new window that allows you to register on the platform. Enter all information required to register and click on the Privacy Policy box (you can read the Privacy Policy by clicking on the phrase) and click the “Next” button.

Step 4: Another window will open. Fill in the missing information. Once you have finished, click the “register” button.

Step 5: A message will be sent to your email address enabling you to activate your account. To complete your registration, check your email for the message titled “Finish setting up your Amnesty Academy account” and click on the account confirmation link, which will be valid for 48 hours.

Please note: your username is the email address you have registered with.

I completed the course but did not receive a certificate.

Please note that not all courses grant certificates, particularly very short courses such as “Defending Human Rights”. You can find out if a course provides a certificate on the Course Details page.

The Amnesty Human Rights Academy offers two types of certificates: a Certificate of Participation and a Certificate of Excellence. A Certificate of Participation is awarded upon successful completion of all courses involving graded exercises or coursework. A Certificate of Excellence is awarded upon successful completion of courses involving a more comprehensive assessment process.

Once you have completed a course that offers a certificate of participation with a passing grade of at least 50%, the certificate will be automatically available to download. You will not be required to take any addition steps to receive the certificate. Should you wish to download the certificate for your own records, please go to “Download a Copy of a Certificate” in the “Course Information” section. Alternatively, go to the Menu on the top left side of the screen and click on “My Activities”. Go to “Courses” where you will be able to see your course progress and all available certificates.

Please note that you will need to use a web browser to download the certificate as the mobile application currently does not support that function.