Demand Justice for Wendy Galarza

Wendy Galarza was shot after attending a protest in Cancún, Mexico. She almost lost her life speaking out for women’s rights in her country. Take action now and demand justice.

Wendy Galarza is a dedicated childcare worker who speaks out against sexism and violence in her home country, Mexico, where women are often degraded, attacked and killed.

On 9 November 2020, Wendy attended a march organised by feminist collectives in Cancún to demand justice for the murder of another woman. After the protest escalated, Wendy tried to flee but police caught her. They brutally beat her, and she was shot twice. She was lucky to survive.

Wendy lodged a complaint against the police, and it took months for the State Prosecutor to accept her evidence. Today, the suspects for her shooting have still not been brought to justice. But Wendy has not given up; she set up a collective with other women who were assaulted during the protest.

I will never let 9 November be forgotten,” she says. “I will continue to raise my voice and defend the human rights of myself and my partners in struggle.


In Mexico, as in many other countries in Latin America and around the world, women are killed at an alarming rate. Because of people like Wendy who speak out, women everywhere have a better chance of living without fear. The authorities should protect people like Wendy, but instead they attack them. Take action now and demand justice.

Take action and demand justice for Wendy Galarza now.