Demand justice and access to care for victims of police violence in Guinea

Since 2019, hundreds of Guineans have been victims of police violence during demonstrations. Lives have been shattered, families devastated, and young people scarred for life by serious trauma. Act now to ensure victims receive justice and appropriate care.

What is the problem ?

During protests in Guinea, law enforcement often responded with unlawful violence, causing numerous deaths and serious injuries among demonstrators and bystanders.

Among those injured during these protests are a majority of young people whose lives have been forever changed and who are desperate to recover from the after-effects of their injuries.

Some ended up losing their lives due to lack of access to adequate health care or lack of financial means to treat themselves.

Amadou, 25, a former driver, has used crutches since he was shot in 2022. When he went to hospital, doctors refused to treat him without prior payment. Since then, he has struggled every week to obtain adequate medical care with the few resources he and his family manage to scrape together.

Boubacar, 27, lost an eye after being shot by people he identified as gendarmes. He has undergone several operations and endures chronic pain. He has to go to the hospital four times a week for treatment.

Thierno, 20, had to have his leg amputated after being shot. In 2020, when he was not yet 18, he was walking a friend home when men in uniform opened fire on them. Due to lack of timely treatment, serious infections forced doctors to amputate.

Aicha, a teenager, was hit by a stray bullet while she was at home. She was helping her aunt prepare the meal when a bullet went through the roof and lodged in her buttock. She had to wait all night before she could receive treatment.

Elhadj, 20, lost an eye to a tear gas canister. He was playing football with his friends in his neighborhood when the police arrived. He had to stop his studies and his treatment due to lack of financial means.

Alpha, 26, was injured by tear gas and gunfire. He suffers from frequent seizures and requires constant care.

Amadou, 18, lost a foot due to gunshot wounds and late treatment. He was 16 years old when he was shot. The doctors refused to treat him until his parents arrived. His life and his dreams were shattered.

These young people represent only a fraction of those injured for life in the protests. It is urgent that the Guinean authorities provide free and unconditional access to adequate medical care for victims of human rights violations committed by security forces.

The victims and their families deserve justice, reparation and fair compensation.

What you can do

Join us in demanding concrete measures to protect the right to peaceful protest in Guinea and to guarantee justice and access to care for victims of police violence. Sign the petition so that victims like Amadou, Boubacar, Thierno, Aicha, Elhadj and Alpha obtain adequate care, reparation and to prevent future human rights violations in Guinea.