The Wire, October 2002. Vol. 32, No.8.

1.) Unfit for human habitation: Brutal conditions for people with mental disabilities in Bulgaria; 2.) Killings in Papua by Indonesian Police; 3.) Beatings and fatal shootings by Greek police and border guards: Police and other law enforcement officials responsible for ill-treatment and fatal shootings are virtually never brought to justice; 4.) Children targeted by both Israelis and Palestinians; 5.) Secrecy surrounds death penalty in Tajikistan: Tajikistan is violating internationally guaranteed human rights by secretly executing prisoners after unfair trials; 6.) Worldwide Appeals: Russian Federation, Two Chechen women ‘disappear’; Togo: Freedom of expression denied; Eritrea: Veteran arrested in clampdown on dissent; Iran: Student leader forced to ‘confess’; 7.) Updates: Israel/Occupied Territories; Trinidad and Tobago; Libya; 8.) Diamonds cost lives; 9.) USA manoeuvres to weaken the International Criminal Court; 10.) Reports and briefings.

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