Angola: TikToker jailed for criticizing the President: Ana da Silva Miguel (also known as Neth Nahara)

On 13 August, Angolan TikToker, Ana da Silva Miguel (also known as Neth Nahara) was arrested in Luanda, capital city of Angola. On 14 August, she was convicted to 6 months in prison for the crime of ‘outrage against the state, its symbols and bodies’ for recording a live video on TikTok criticizing the president. Following an appeal by the public prosecutor on 27 September, her 6 months sentence was increased to 2 years in prison. Since her arrest, Neth Nahara has been denied access to her daily medication, despite her complicated health condition. On 3 December, she was hospitalized due to her deteriorating health. Her conviction and sentence stem from the peaceful exercise of her right to freedom of expression. Neth Nahara must be immediately released.

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