Israel/Lebanon: Unlawful killings during operation “Grapes of Wrath”

Since 1975 thousands of civilians have been killed in a continuing conflict between Israel and various armed groups in Lebanon. This report concentrates on the escalation in fighting which took place in April 1996, when Israel launched a major attack in Lebanon codenamed Operation “Grapes of Wrath”. During the fighting both the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) and Hizbullah deliberately or indiscriminately attacked civilians in violation of the laws of war. Over 150 civilians were killed, all of them as a result of Israeli attacks. This report provides details on unlawful Hizbullah rocket attacks and unlawful IDF attacks, including the attack on the UN compound at Qana that killed 102 civilians. Amnesty International takes no position on the conflict but calls on both sides to respect the laws of war, in particular those relating to the protection of civilian lives.

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