El Salvador: Fear for safety

Francisco Elias Valencia, newspaper editor, Monsignor Gregorio Rosa Chavez, Auxiliary Bishop of San Salvador, Francisco Roberto Lima, lawyer and opposition politician, Jorge Zedan, television station proprietor, Mauricio Funes, newspaper director, Kiria Waldo Salgado, opposition politician, Roberto Castaneda, radio station proprietor, Facundo Guardo, opposition politician, Gerson Martinez, opposition politician, Ricardo Navarro, director of environmental organization, Victoria Marina Velasquez de Aviles, National Human Rights Procurator, Rodolfo Cardenal, Vice Rector of Social Planning, Centroamerican University, Edgar Palacios, Coordinator of the Permanent Commission for National Debate, Medardo Gomez, Lutheran bishop, Carlos Aviles, narcotics expert: AI is seriously concerned for the safety of a group of people named in a communique signed by a newly-formed clandestine group calling itself the Roberto d’Aubuisson Nationalist Force. The group threatened several public figures, including the above. Many of those named in the communique have publicly expressed their commitiment to human rights and democracy.

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