Peru: Torture, including attempted rape / possible prisoners of conscience / fear of unfair trial

Aurelio Leiva Barboza, Lauro Aguije Lizana, Jacobo Veliz Chuquin, Arturo Villaizan Contreras, Ines Marilu Avila Galvez (f), Teofilo Jose Huaman Navarro, Augusto Elguera Machari, Alfonso Rojas Colca, Dario Vargas Martinez and Juan Vargas Martinez – all peasants; seventeen other peasants, eight peasant minors (aged 14 to 17), four army conscripts: There is serious concern at the reported torture of several peasants detained by members of the Peruvian army on suspicion of having links to the armed opposition group Movimiento Revolucionario Tupac Amaru (MRTA). They were detained between 24 February and 11 March in or near the village of Alto Yurinaki, province of Chanchamayo, Junin department. Although some have now been released, those who remain detained are believed to be possible prisoners of conscience.

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