Tunisia: prisoners of conscience / legal concern: Moncef Marzouki, Abderrahmane Hani, Ahmed Kahlaoui

Moncef Marzouki, the former President of the Tunisian League of Human Rights (LTDH), who was arrested on 24 March 1994, was brought before the Investigating Judge on 29 march and charged with spreading false information and insulting the judicial authorities. He was refused bail and has been transferred to the 9 Avril Prison in Tunis. He had formerly been a prospective candidate in the Tunisian Presidential elections. The only other person who announced he would stand, Abderrahmane Hani, was arrested on 15 February on charges of setting up an illegal organization and spreading false information. He is still in detention awaiting trial. Also detained is Ahmed Khaloui. He is currently detained in the 9 Avril Prison in reportedly poor conditions. They are prisoners of conscience.

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