Children in Somalia facing war crimes

20 July 2011

A new Amnesty International report details how children are being recruited as child soldiers, denied access to education and killed or injured in the on-going armed conflict.

Key elements for implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)

13 July 2011

This document lists suggested key elements for “creating high common international standards” for national systems of licensing or authorisation for the export, import and other international transfers of conventional arms. It also sets out Amnesty International's position on key transparency measures and victim assistance.

Report reveals crimes against humanity in Syrian town

6 July 2011

New research documents deaths in custody, torture and arbitrary detention by Syrian security forces in the western town of Tell Kalakh in May.

Slovakia: School year finishes without any progress towards ending segregation of Romani children

29 June 2011

Another school year has finished with thousands of Romani children segregated in inferior education, in separate mainstream schools and classes or in special schools and classes for pupils with “mild mental disabilities”.

Romania legal system condemning Roma to poor housing

23 June 2011

Romania's inadequate housing laws coupled with widespread intolerance mean local authorities openly discriminate against Roma.

Mind the legal gap: Roma and the right to housing in Romania

23 June 2011

The right to adequate housing is a human right that everyone is entitled to without discrimination.

Arms for Internal Security: Will they be covered by an Arms Trade Treaty?

17 June 2011

There is now a chance in the UN to establish a global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) setting out commonly-agreed rules for strict national regulation and international monitoring of the trade and transfer of conventional arms. This briefing paper includes Amnesty International's proposal for the inclusion of the scope of equipment into an ATT including an indicative list of the conventional arms and a summary definition. It also includes examples of conventional arms that may, inadvertently, be excluded from the scope of the ATT.

Our Right to Know: Transparent Reporting under an Arms Trade Treaty

13 June 2011

Public reporting is a key means by which the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) will become more than a set of obligations and actually affect States’ behaviour. Fully transparent reporting will build confidence amongst States and provide a basis for States and civil society to assess how the ATT is being applied in practice. This document focuses on why States should transparently report on their international arms trade and transfers. It also provides a brief overview of transparency initiatives to date, and outlines how a reporting mechanism could be incorporated into the Treaty.

Lack of justice could fuel new violence in Kyrgyzstan

8 June 2011

A new Amnesty International report calls on the authorities to establish the truth about what happened during four days of violence between ethnic Kyrgyz and ethnic Uzbeks a year ago.

USA urged to end inmates’ 40 year-long solitary confinement

6 June 2011

Albert Woodfox, 64, and Herman Wallace, 69, have been held in inhumane conditions of isolation in Louisiana's 'Angola Prison' since 1972.

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