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Young people play a key role in Amnesty International’s vision of a world in which every person enjoys all human rights.

From developing campaigns to taking leadership roles within the movement, young people within Amnesty International are agents of change. As outlined in our International Youth Strategy for 2017-2020, we believe that by drawing on the energy, creativity and skills of young people we are able to support more people to know, claim and enjoy their human rights.

At Amnesty International we work with and for young people on the issues that are most relevant to their lives. Although young people can be viewed as a single, homogeneous group defined exclusively by age, in reality they have multiple identities shaped by factors such as, but not limited to, gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability or nationality. By enabling and empowering the active participation of young people at all levels of our work, we aim to create an environment in which they actively contribute to human rights impact.

Vibha Venkatesha, a member of the Global Youth Collective
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Download our Youth Power for Youth Rights Toolkit

Amnesty International’s Youth Power for Youth Rights! toolkit outlines the process of developing and implementing a National Youth Strategy.

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