Young people play a key role in Amnesty International’s vision of a world in which every person enjoys all human rights.

The Youth, Power, Action! Global Children and Youth Strategy (2022-2025) sets the direction for Amnesty International’s work for, by and with children and young people. It will be delivered by people from all generations, with children and young people themselves in the driving seat. By drawing on the energy, creativity and skills of children and young people, and by enabling and empowering their active participation across all levels of our work, we aim to create an environment in which they actively contribute to human rights impact and play an integral role in achieving our vision and the priorities of the Global Strategic Framework.

At Amnesty International we work with and for young people on the issues that are most relevant to their lives. Although young people can be viewed as a single, homogeneous group defined exclusively by age, in reality they have multiple identities shaped by factors such as, but not limited to, gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability or nationality. By enabling and empowering the active participation of young people at all levels of our work, we aim to create an environment in which they actively contribute to human rights impact.

Together, we can realize our collective power.

Vibha Venkatesha, a member of the Global Youth Collective

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The toolkit outlines the process of developing and implementing a national youth strategy.


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The Global Youth Collective and Digital Rights Champions.

The Amnesty International Global Youth Collective is a team of Amnesty International youth leaders (under 25 years old) and Amnesty staff with a youth brief from across the global movement who are champions for youth engagement and participation. As champions, they bring the thought leadership that is needed to reach the goals in the International Youth Strategy, and look for opportunities to advance its implementation.

Members of the Collective serve a two-year term, in which they play a role as spokespersons on youth issues and raise youth perspectives both internally and externally to help support and expand the space for greater youth(-led) engagement and participation. They amplify the voice of youth leaders and activists on issues that are relevant and matter to young people within and outside Amnesty International, contribute to the agendas of global, regional and national Amnesty International meetings to advise on how youth perspectives can be included, and provide strategic advice to relevant teams across the movement on integrating youth perspectives across all areas and levels of Amnesty International’s work.

For more information about the Amnesty Global Youth Collective or requests for collaboration you can contact the Global Youth Team.


Amnesty International’s Global Youth Team shares a youth bulletin across the movement, including short stories featuring youth work and youth activists, as well as youth-related resources and opportunities.