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Changes on Amnesty’s International Board

Amnesty International is delighted to announce the election of Dr Anjhula Mya Singh Bais as the new Chair of its International Board. Dr Bais, of Malaysia is replacing Dr Vincent Adzahlie-Mensah of Ghana.

Tiumalu Peter Fa’afiu of New Zealand has been appointed Vice-Chair. Previously both Dr Bais and Mr Fa’afiu were Chairs of their respective Sections (country offices).

The 2021 Global Assembly also elected Renee Ngamau (Kenya), Nina Boel (Denmark) and Mandeep Singh (United Kingdom), as new International Board Members.  It also reappointed Fabiola Arce (Peru) for a two-year term.

The eleven-person International Board has a diverse set of skills and experience in fields including tech, media, finance, governance, human rights, mental health, and entrepreneurship. Led by Dr Bais, they are responsible for the global stewardship of Amnesty International’s mission and vision, its compliance with global policies and standards, governance over its International Secretariat (IS), and recruitment and oversight of its most senior staff member, the Secretary General.  

With a new Global Strategic Framework approved by the Global Assembly, the International Board will focus on the implementation of the Strategy, in addition to its obligations and responsibilities as a governance structure for a movement of over 10 million members. This includes a restructuring of global governance, growing its presence in the Global South, ensuring long-term financial sustainability and consolidating and extending Amnesty International’s position as a truly global movement.

The International Board has a number of Global Assembly-mandated committees and working groups that it leads in addition to supporting the International Secretariat in its strategic engagement with the Movement’s 65 Sections. 

With a London based Secretariat, the International Board are also Directors of Amnesty International Limited in accordance with UK law.

Amnesty’s International Board meets at least four times a year, its members are elected on staggered three-year terms by the Standing Representatives (usually the Chairs) of Amnesty International Sections and Structures (country offices) at its annual Global Assembly Meeting. 

Dr Anjhula Mya Singh Bais said: “I’m honoured to have been chosen by Amnesty members and activists to lead the tremendously talented group that make up our International Board. In a fast-changing world, in which human rights are under ever increasing pressure, the road ahead promises to be full of both challenges and opportunities for the organization. By harnessing the Movement’s many existing attributes, we aim to expand Amnesty’s presence across the world, deliver ever greater human rights impact, and position ourselves to meet the future that lies ahead.”

For more information about the work of the International Board, see here.


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