Amnesty International’s next global strategy – it’s time to make it yours

Calling ALL Amnesty members, supporters, followers, fans and friends, from all walks of life

Amnesty International is in the process of developing its new global strategy that will inform the organisation’s global direction and focus from 2021 onwards.  

We have launched an open conversation around five key questions to seek ideas, challenges and solutions on how Amnesty International can catalyse lasting change for everyone’s human rights:

  1. How can Amnesty International shift narratives and attitudes
  2. How can Amnesty International strengthen its movement and become a better partner?  
  3. How should Amnesty International influence or disrupt power?
  4. How can Amnesty International become more diverse and inclusive
  5. What should Amnesty International’s added value and unique role be?  

Our aim is to make Amnesty International an even stronger force to confront the biggest challenges of our time.  

For the next two months, we will gather input from our partners, members, supporters, activists and friends, whatever their age, race or gender identity. We know that we don’t have all the answers, and that is why your ideas are so important to us! We want to ensure we hear from a diverse range of voices, from all parts of the world, from all walks of life.

This is how you can join in the #nextstrategy conversation:

Online survey – a global ideation survey where everyone can submit their ideas for the Amnesty International of the future or agree/disagree with ideas shared by others. You can participate in the languages of your choice. Make sure to take part and share this to make this our biggest global pool of ideas yet!  

Open events – public events where we ask partners and the rest of the movement to weigh in on our questions. The first event took place on 7 May 2019 in Lima, Peru and was livestreamed on Facebook with thousands of people tuning in. Check it out here. The next one will take place 27 June 2019 and will bring together activists and thinkers to answer the question ‘How can Amnesty be a better partner to those fighting for social justice?’

To follow the open events, learn more about the process and read all the latest strategy blogs watch this space:

#nextstrategy #makeityours