My Sudan

Memories of life before the war in Sudan

It’s been one year of conflict in Sudan.

The people of Sudan feel forgotten as their country falls into a rampant spiral of violence and suffering. Life for many people in the country is no longer the same.

But this is what their lives looked like before the war; these are their daily routines, their favourite places to visit, their journeys with friends and family, their hopes, joys and their memories. These are the stories of their Sudan, #MySudan.

Dr. Abdelmonim Ali Yagoub

Dr Abdelmonim Ali was a lecturer at the University of Bahri in Sudan. He fled when war broke out in 2023, leaving his life behind.


Dr Abdelmonim Al

Zuhal Alzain Hussien Ibrahim 

Zuhal was a student activist in Sudan before the war. She now lives temporary refuge camp in Adre, Chad.

Before the war, normal days were beautiful


Khalid Albaih 

Khalid was part of the Karmakol Film Festival. He remembers life and art in Sudan.

It reminded me of the Sudan, that our parents told us about. The Sudan that was hustling and bustling with arts and artists and freedom

Khalid Albaih

Kareema Adam Abdullah 

Kareema now lives in a refugee camp in Adre. Before the war, she hoped to finish her studies in the city of El Geneina.

Now our destiny is unknown, and our dreams destroyed


Hafiz Ali Abdul Sharif 

Hafiz now lives in a refugee camp in Adre, Chad. These were his daily routines after work at the health ministry.

Before the war life was simpler, we were just engaged with our daily lives


Mutwakil Khairy 

Mutwakil recalls days visiting Khartoum.

The evening of a city like Khartoum, it’s always full of surprises


My Sudan looks into life before the war in Sudan through videos of personal testimonies. New videos will follow. Continue to take action.