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The Wire, May 2004. Vol. 34, No. 4.

, Index number: NWS 21/004/2004

1) Trade unionists under threat in Belarus 2) Oil fuels fear in Colombia 3) Liberia - the promises of peace for 21,000 child soldiers 4) UK's response to events of 1 September 2001 5) Time to make human rights a reality in Libya 6) Worldwide appeals: Russian Federation: Teacher 'disappears' in Ingushetia; Myanmar: Rohingya minority denied basic rights; Sudan: Tortured for holding a meeting; Iran: Unfair trial and imprisonment of journalist; Impunity in Haiti leads to fear and insecurity 7) Argentina remembers those who 'disappeared' 8) Thai authorities' failure to investigate 'disappearances' in south of country 9) AI campaigns for trade unionists 10) AI's report causes a stir 11) Art for human rights 12) AI launched its Stop Violence Against Women Campaign in the Middle East and North Africa from Amman, Jordan, on 22 March

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