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Israel and Hamas have less than one month to show credible investigations into war crimes

4 January 2010

Both parties to the 22-day conflict in Gaza and Southern Israel have until 2 February to show that they are willing and able to undertake credible investigations into violations of international law.

Injustice renamed: Discrimination in education of Roma persists in the Czech Republic

31 December 2009

In this report Amnesty International is calling upon the government of the Czech Republic to show leadership and direction to reverse racial discrimination in education and address grave violations of the right to education for Romani children.

End injustice: Elementary schools still fail Romani children in the Czech Republic

30 December 2009

Romani children in the Czech Republic are denied the right to an education free from discrimination.

Iran must end slide into bloodshed

28 December 2009

Victims of Gaza and Southern Israel conflict still await justice

27 December 2009

One year on, no one has been held accountable for the war crimes and other grave violations of international law reported by a UN Fact Finding Mission.

Governor killed in Colombia

23 December 2009

China must reveal fate of Uighur asylum-seekers

23 December 2009

Iran must allow peaceful gatherings during ‘Ashoura

23 December 2009

Trial of Chinese activist Liu Xiaobo begins this week

22 December 2009

Charged with 'inciting subversion of state power', the scholar is one of hundreds of signatories of Charter 08, a proposal for political reform in China.

Lithuania admits existence of secret prison

22 December 2009

A Lithuanian parliamentary committee has concluded that a CIA secret prison operated in Lithuania during the US-led “war on terror”.

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