Migrants walking towards Europe borders

EU: Migration and Asylum Pact reforms will put people at heightened risk of human rights violations

Ahead of the European Parliament’s final vote on the European Union (EU) Pact on Migration and Asylum on 10 April, Amnesty International warns that these reforms will put people at heightened risk of human rights violations.

“It is clearer than ever that this EU Pact on Migration and Asylum will set back European asylum law for decades to come, lead to greater suffering, and put more people at risk of human rights violations at every step of their journeys,” said Eve Geddie, Amnesty International’s Head of the European Institutions Office and Director of Advocacy.

“Since these reforms were first proposed in 2020, every step of the negotiations has further worsened the final outcome – weakening protections and access to asylum for people on the move, expanding detention and containment at borders, and further shifting responsibilities to countries outside of Europe. The Pact will do nothing to improve Europe’s response to people in need of protection.

“The European Parliament should be setting a higher standard for a humane and sustainable common asylum policy. However, this package of proposals shamefully risks subjecting more people, including families with children, to de facto detention at EU borders; denying them a fair and full assessment of their protection needs. The proposal will also open the door to new emergency measures that will put countless people at risk of pushbacks, arbitrary detention, and destitution at European borders.

“These proposals come hand in hand with mounting efforts to shift responsibility for refugee protection and border control to countries outside of the EU – such as recent deals with Tunisia, Egypt, and Mauritania, or attempts to externalize the processing of asylum claims to Albania. These practices risk trapping people in states where their human rights will be in danger, render the EU complicit in the abuses that may follow, and compromises Europe’s ability to uphold human rights beyond the bloc.”


The final vote in the European Parliament on several regulations that comprise the Migration and Asylum Pact is due to take place on Wednesday 10 April at 17:00 CET. The proposals will be formally adopted after the European Council endorses them, before June 2024. The new legislation is expected to come into force and be fully operational two years later, by June 2026.