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The government continued its crackdown on dissent, targeting multiple groups. Impunity continued in a number of emblematic cases. Excessive use of force and brutality by law enforcement officers were widely reported, and there were deaths in custody. The UN Human Rights Council set up a mechanism to consolidate evidence of serious human rights violations for future prosecutions after the Sri Lankan government withdrew its support for transitional justice. Existing transitional justice mechanisms did not progress. The Prevention of Terrorism Act continued to be used to target critics from minority communities through arbitrary arrests and prolonged detention without judicial oversight. New regulations issued under the Act would effectively deny suspects a judicial hearing and force them to attend mandatory “rehabilitation”. Discrimination and marginalization of the Muslim community increased because of government policies specifically targeting them. The government failed to prioritize health workers, older populations, people with comorbidities or marginalized groups during its Covid-19 response.

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Retains the death penalty in law, but hasn’t executed for at least 10 years

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