Pakistan: Cruel and inhuman chemical castration punishment will not fix flawed system

Responding to the introduction of new anti-rape ordinance measures that include the legalization of chemical castration as a form of punishment for repeat offenders, Rimmel Mohydin, South Asia Campaigner at Amnesty International, said: 

“Forced chemical castrations would violate Pakistan’s international and constitutional obligations to prohibit torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. Punishments like this will do nothing to fix a flawed criminal justice system. Instead of trying to deflect attention, the authorities should focus on the crucial work of reforms that will address the root causes of sexual violence and give survivors the justice they deserve and the protection they need.” 


On Tuesday 15 December, Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi signed into law a new anti-rape ordinance that includes measures to speed up rape trials, create a national sex offender registry and allow the chemical castration of repeat offenders. Pakistan’s government has 120 days to take the measure to parliament and have it permanently passed into law, during which time the law will remain in force.