Action needed for Sudanese man missing in the UAE

The family of a Sudanese businessman thought to be held by security forces in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have told Amnesty International of their torment since his enforced disappearance more than two years ago. Alsadiq Siddiq Adam Abdullah, a UK resident, has been missing since 5 November 2007, following his arrest at Dubai airport and subsequent detention in Abu Dhabi. In effect, he has been subjected to an enforced disappearance. Amnesty International fears he is being held by the security forces of the UAE and is at risk of torture or ill-treatment.”Nobody can imagine how I feel since Alsadiq went missing, I spend all my time thinking of him,” his wife Malaz Eltayeb Elgalel El Hussan told Amnesty International on Thursday.”He disappeared when our son was only six months old. Now he is three and keeps asking about his father and I don’t know what to tell him. I do nothing but cry.”On Thursday 22 April, Alsadiq’s mother, Hawa Osman Abdel Ralma, addressed an open letter to the authorities of UAE pleading for his release and return home. The family’s plea coincides with a visit to the UAE by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Navi Pillay’s three-day trip to the country begins on Friday. “Since he has been missing our family has suffered tragedy, illness and tears. I have been very ill with diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. My life has lost its meaning. My health is deteriorating continuously. I do not want to die before I see my son,” said Alsadiq’s mother.Amnesty International has called on the UAE authorities to investigate the 29-year-old’s enforced disappearance.”The authorities must disclose the whereabouts of Alsadiq Siddiq Adam Abdullah who disappeared while in the custody of the security forces of the UAE,” said Hassiba Hadj Sahroui, Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa deputy director. ”The visit of the UN High Commissioner provides an opportunity for the Emirati authorities to come clean about the fate of Alsadiq Siddiq Adam Abdullah”. In September 2007, Alsadiq Siddiq Adam Abdullah was returning to London from a business trip in Sydney. He was arrested on 23 September on arrival at Dubai airport and transferred to a UAE police action in Abu Dhabi. UAE officials claim that Alsadiq Siddiq Adam Abdullah was released on 25 September 2007. However, nobody has been able to establish his whereaboutsAlsadiq Siddiq Adam Abdullah spoke with his family by mobile phone several times until 5 November, during which time he was apparently in the presence of other people and unable to reveal where he was. Since 5 November, there have been no further calls.”Since my brother went missing my life has stopped. I cry for him every day and I’m worried about the deterioration of my mum’s health due to his disappearance. He is the only brother I have and no one can imagine how I and my family feel while he remains missing,” said Alsadiq’s sister Azahir Abdalla.