Human Rights Education Write 4 Rights Toolkit 2018

Looking to take part in Write for Rights (W4R) 2018? Find everything you need to make W4R happen in your school with the W4R Toolkit.

The Human Rights Education (HRE) Write for Rights (W4R) toolkit was created to support participation with your students in the 2018 campaign. By learning about the lives of others and writing persuasive letters to help end human rights violations and achieve justice, you and your students contribute to the international human rights movement and see for yourselves how words can make a difference in the world.

The global letter-writing campaign is the world’s biggest human rights event where Amnesty supporters across the globe write millions of letters for those whose basic human rights are being attacked. In 2018, W4R highlights Women Human Rights Defenders from around the world who are facing risks and retaliation for standing up against injustice and defending the human rights of others in their communities. This Amnesty International global campaign brings about change to the lives of people and communities from different parts of the world where human rights abuses have taken place. All over the world, people like you are continuing a long tradition of writing letters to right some of the world’s biggest wrongs.

The toolkit was primarily designed for use in a school setting: both inside the classroom as well as in clubs or school-wide events. It was created for students aged 13 and above. Activities in the toolkit can also be adapted for use in other, non-formal education contexts such as youth groups and community settings. We encourage you to try!

Download the Toolkit here:

You can find more detailed information on the people we are campaigning for, a letter writing kit with letter templates and instructions on how to work with the W4R campaign in your classroom or school environment, videos – and more here:

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