A letter from Polish abortion activist Justyna © Amnesty Poland/Karolina Jackowska

My first hearing: a letter from Polish abortion activist Justyna

8 April 2022

I have a lump in my throat and a clenched stomach. I’m nervous, but who wouldn’t be. This is my first time as a defendant. I have a lot of worries about whether I will stay calm in court, whether I will cry out of nervousness.

I see myself in the pictures you share, I read all those beautiful words you write about me and I think – this is a matrix. This is not plausible. And I am incredibly grateful to you. I knew the pro-choice community was very supportive, but what’s happening is amazing.

I want to thank you enormously for that. For every private message, every phone call. Every public declaration of support or anonymously hung poster. Every message sent to friends, every interview read and comment made. Every Instagram Story and graphic and testimonial.

Thanks to you, I have the strength to face this matter. Thanks to you, I know that I am not alone.


Thanks to you, I have the strength to face this matter. Thanks to you, I know that I am not alone.

It clogs the air in my lungs and squeezes tears in my eyes with emotion.

I apologise to you for not being able to see everything and for not replying to you straight away. It is difficult for me to face the situation that my photos are “everywhere”.

There are thousands of people #likejustyna, they don’t want to reveal themselves, because it’s not important. They help colleagues, sisters, friends and people they don’t know at all. They are simply there when someone needs support with their abortion. For which I sincerely thank them. We are strong because we are in this together.

The coming days will be difficult for me. The tension that accompanies is very high and I am not completely indifferent to it. However, I will stand before the court with peace in my heart.

I know that I have done the right thing, because supporting abortion is good if someone has also gained this peace of mind thanks to me.


Justyna Wydrzyńska.