Refugees on Ukraine-Slovakia border

How to respond to large refugee arrivals: 5 ‘golden rules’ for European countries as people flee Ukraine.

Thousands of people living in Ukraine have been forced to protect themselves and their families by seeking safety in neighbouring countries after Russia invaded, and more are expected to do so in the coming days.

The response by receiving countries needs to be immediate and must protect human rights.

Here are 5 ‘golden rules’ that all States should follow:

1. Treat everyone equally

Anyone fleeing Ukraine should be given protection without discrimination.

2. Put humanity first

Provide people with humane reception conditions and care according to their specific needs.

3. Keep all families together

Both at the border and by uniting them in Europe.

4. Cut the red tape

Get people to safety immediately, keeping the borders open and suspending entry requirements.

 5. Share responsibility

At European and international level for receiving and relocating people fleeing danger. This way more people will get to safety, faster.